Below you will see the track generated by the NXCL system but not currently available there. Only Flexwing track are now but Rigid and Sports will be coming shortly.

These are designed for Google Earth with timed data so you can see the flights as they progressed using the sliders and animate button in the top left hand corner.

File nameFile typeSize
Task 1 - Flex.kmzZip archive data3.9 MBInfo
Task 2 - Flex.kmzZip archive data4.49 MBInfo
Task 3 - Flex.kmzZip archive data2.78 MBInfo
tracksT1.zipZip archive data4.99 MBInfo
tracksT2.zipZip archive data6.85 MBInfo
tracksT3.zipZip archive data3.9 MBInfo
tracksT4.zipZip archive data2.32 MBInfo
tracksT5.zipZip archive data1.02 MBInfo
tracksT6.zipZip archive data3.53 MBInfo